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Our Unique Solution

At DCSHRM.COM, we have over 25 years of making businesses safer. Over the years, we have noticed that almost all businesses have a safety plan, and most have a safety program, but very few can make the plan a reality or get the employee committed to the culture in the program.

OUR Unique Solution 

DCSHRM.COM has simplified safety. We have made a series of weekly safety trainings that are never longer than one page of text or 3.5 minutes of video followed up by 7-10 questions to demonstrate retention. We have boiled our safety programs down to their core, in order to keep the attention of every generation of worker and keep your business training compliant. DCSHRM.COM’s B-SAFE program is delivered to an employee’s mobile device, via text or email on a pre-planned customizable schedule. Reports that show participation and completion rates as well as graded quiz and test scores, are accessible to the supervisor or administrator 24 hours a day. When employees don’t complete the training within the timeframe, at the push of a single button, a supervisor or administrator is able to resend training, only to those employees that haven’t completed the quiz or test. This makes it so that those employees who made the effort aren’t confused about whether or not their results were recorded. Our reports keep you compliant by recording the names of participants and the dates of participation as well as the results of the quiz or test for the material presented.

The best part about DCSHRM.COM is the ability to be timely and relevant. Not only do you enjoy pre scheduled safety topics, trainings, audits and checklists, but if you have an accident, incident or near miss, you can instantly send a relevant training subject or audit to anyone in your organization with an accompanying quiz or test.

DCSHRM.COM, a simplified, sustainable safety solution that encourages a safety culture by being relevant and timely for every training need.

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