Moving products and people from point A to point B is an enormous enterprise that affects everyone. Everything we eat, wear and generally use in life was moved from one place to another. Every day approximately 50 million tons of goods are moved across the USA. Transportation is big business, but it also accounts for almost as many annual work-related deaths as the construction industry. (According to the BLS, construction industry has averaged just over 900 work related deaths annually and transportation has averaged just under 900 work related deaths annually in the last few years.) The real scary news is that more fatal work-related accidents take place on the road than anywhere else. Work related deaths on the road accounted for 40% of all workplace deaths in 2017 compared to the second deadliest accident, falls (including slips and trips) which only accounted for 17% of fatal accidents.

Drivers need to be aware of many things, as they motor down the highway, but distractions are more plentiful than ever. More drivers believe they can pay less attention to the road and more attention to their social media, because they have enhanced safety features like “blind spot sensors,” “crash avoidance” and “lane departure warning” in their vehicles. This makes the job of employees and sole proprietors, who are getting paid to drive, that much harder. Even CDL drivers, who are expected to be alert and professional when behind the wheel, can forget the seriousness of their job from time to time.

Compliant Experts.COM specializes in simplifying safety for the transportation industry as well as anyone who drives as part of their job. Since drivers are all over the country, it can be difficult to get them the safety training they need. The Compliant Experts.COM platform allows you to build a safety training calendar that will deliver safety training to your driver’s, via email or text, on a preplanned schedule. Every topic is designed to make drivers more aware of the hazards of life on the road and delivered with a quiz to test their knowledge. As the employees complete the training, their results are recorded on the website, where you can access them from anywhere, 24 hours a day. No matter where your drivers are, they’ll have the training they need to be safer on the road.

At Compliant Experts.COM our goal is to partner with the transportation industry to keep drivers safe and free of accidents. Accidents take time. Time is money. Accidents cost $57 billion dollars in the transportation industry in 2017. Safety training and awareness for drivers reduces accidents and saves time and money. Many times, we only see what claim costs our insurance and what that insurance cost means to the bottom line. A manager may fall into the trap of not looking at the additional costs of accidents on the business. Any accident, no matter how serious causes delays and cost over-runs. The good news is that with training, audits, equipment checks and job hazard analysis from Compliant Experts.COM, workplace accidents are preventable.

Had an incident or near miss on the road? Compliant Experts.COM has the flexibility to add additional relevant topics on demand with a personalized message. Found a driver not completing their pre-trip inspection? Send a training on the importance of pre-trip inspection. Have a driver ticketed for traveling too fast for the conditions? With the push of a button, send a training to all of your drivers on the dangers that bad weather brings to the road.

More Than Just Training

Compliant Experts.COM is a platform that you can use to keep drivers, yards, and facilities compliant. From site audits to daily equipment prechecks, Compliant Experts.COM allows you to choose the responsible employee or employees and send the checklist directly to his/her mobile phone via text or email on the schedule you choose. Gone are the days of looking for paper checklists, with Compliant Experts.COM you’ll have reports that show training, audits, and prechecks at your fingertips.

Compliant Experts.COM is the tool you need to manage safety, reduce accidents, create accountability and integrate safety into the job. Engage your team, recognize and reward their accomplishments, manage subcontractors, test retention and competence, audit risk, and keep equipment pre-checks up to date. Please send us an e-mail or call us for any further queries related to the transportation safety training we provide.

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