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We understand that in this digital age, there is nothing more important than people. We believe in being available with no gimmicky menus or voice prompts, just real knowledgeable people, taking calls, and answering emails and texts from 7 AM Eastern to 7 PM pacific. Our goal is to partner with you, making your life easier, your employees safer and your facility more compliant.

Have a program you’re happy with?

Send it to us and we will digitize and mobilize the program for you. Use our safety technology to make your program better.

Don’t have a program, but have specific needs?

Our specialists will customize our programs to fit your facility.

Need a fresh set of eyes in your facility?

Let us know, we do site visits.

Need materials in a different language?

We have the Americas covered with English, Spanish and Portuguese, but we are always looking for an excuse to learn new languages.

Have a comment about material or a request for new material?

Let us know, we love requests.

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