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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

At DCSHRM, we value your privacy and are confined to protect it. Below is the procedure we follow to protect the privacy of every user entering our website ( and also our customers who log in using the website.

All us, we or our in the privacy note refers to DCSHRM, Registered Number: Registered Office Address:

The main aim of including this statement on our website is to inform the users how we look after their personal information from the minute they enter our website irrespective of the place they visit it from.

We ensure that the personal data that users enter in any of our forms is maintained confidential but before that, we request the users to notify us of the personal data changes they make and also update them to carry on the healthy relationship with DCSHRM.

We are not responsible for the third-party websites and plug-ins included in the website. Clicking on the third party links might redirect you to unsafe web pages. The company holds zero responsibility for the privacy statements of third parties.

All our customers are also responsible to read any other privacy policies associated with any specific occasions when they have to provide us the personal data to understand the confidentiality maintained.

Form Filling Privacy:

By filling our contact form or any other form available on our website, you are giving us permission to contact you regarding any information related to the business and also identify your interests.

The forms contain personal information like name, phone number, email address, IP address, mailing address, what products you are interested in, and whether or not you would like to receive mailings from us.

We do not use your information elsewhere to expect the business purpose.

Cookie Privacies:

We use cookies to distinguish the behavior of different users visiting our site. With the help of these cookies, we will be able to enhance the user experience of the site for all the website visitors.

We use the strictly necessary cookies that enable users to log in to certain secure areas of the site.

We use analytical cookies to recognize to track the number of user visits and other information. These cookies are used to ease the website navigation of the users by letting them find what they are looking for more conveniently.

We also use the ad cookies which gives us the information about the links you have visited via our website to display you the relevant ads next time you visit the website.

All these cookies can be either enabled or disabled by the users visiting the site by adjusting the computer settings. But, blocking a few of the “strictly necessary cookies” might intend the website from not working. We have put a lot of effort to ensure that your privacy is at zero risks by allowing these cookies to function.

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