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Oil and Gas Industry

At DCSHRM, our goal is to keep the employees safe and work sites free of accidents. Training employees reduces accidents. The Oil & Gas industry is considered the most hazardous occupation accidents can take place at any time. Accidents can cost a lot of money and affect the business in multiple ways. A fatal accident ceases production. Death on a job site will slow the pace of production for weeks. Finding a replacement for the injured employee to complete the job can be time-consuming. Accidents can cause extra delay in production along with bearing expenses of the accident. Accidents also cost the employees health, and can lead to fatal permanent injury leaving them helpless. With training, audits, equipment checks, and job hazard analysis, workplace accidents are preventable.

DCSHRM - Oil and Gas Industry Safety

DCSHRM.COM specializes in simplifying safety for the oil and gas industry. Our program allows you to build a safety training calendar with the topics your employees need to stay safe on the job. Once the calendar is implemented, the designated safety training details go directly to your employee's mobile phone via text or email, no matter what site they're on. Every industrial safety training program is accompanied by a quiz to test your employee's knowledge and keep you compliant. As the employees complete the training, their results are recorded safely off-site, where it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Had an incident or near miss on the job site?
DCSHRM has the flexibility to add additional Oil & Gas safety-relevant training materials on-demand.
Found an employee with improper fall protection?
Send a fall protection training to all of the employees on your site with a button's push.
Caught an employee speeding on the job site?
Send a personalized message to all the employees on the site and training on the consequences of anemic driving habits.

DCSHRM – Occupational Safety and Health Act

More than just training. DCSHRM is a platform that offers Oil & Gas safety taining that helps to keep worksites and facilities acquiescent. From site audits to daily equipment prechecks, DCSHRM allows you to determine the qualified employee and send a checklist directly to their mobile phone via text or email on the schedule you choose. Gone are the days of looking for paper checklists. With DCSHRM, you'll have detailed training reports, audits, and prechecks at your fingertips.

DCSHRM is the medium required to manage industrial safety, create accountability, and integrate security into the job. Engage employees, recognize and reward their participation, manage subcontractors, test material retention and competence, audit job site risk, and keep equipment pre-checks up to date.
With DCSHRM, safety is simplified.

DCSHRM.COM - Safety - Simplified

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