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Christian Robbins

Lead Contributor & Co-Founder

Christian has 25+ years of managing business and safety in high risk manufacturing, distribution and construction environments. From concrete production to casting foundries and framing to high volume distribution, Christian has experience building business while implementing safety programs, as well as understanding and complying with OSHA’s requirements. He has learned that profitable businesses invest in their employees and that creating a safety culture pays dividends.

In addition to facilitating safety culture, Christian has an intimate knowledge of workers compensation programs and how to use an experience modifier to make a business more profitable. His experience ranges from managing small employers in expensive class codes to creating, implementing, and managing self-insurance policies, captives, and high deductible programs with premiums in the millions of dollars.

Christian has had the opportunity to manage multi-million-dollar businesses in the United States as well as over 6 years managing businesses in South America. In South America, he was able to develop language and cultural skills that are the framework of his success in promoting safety culture within the Hispanic and Latino workforces. Christian understands that technology has changed business forever and works to integrate safety and technology in a way that simplifies, mobilizes and automates training, checklists and audits. Christian has also owned and managed his own businesses, which has given him the knowledge of what it takes to make a payroll and keep a business growing and profitable.

Mariana Rocha

Mariana has 15 + years of experience in warehousing, manufacturing and retail industries. She has managed inventories in excess of $30million dollars, lived through an active shooter in the workplace and come to understand what it takes to keep a facility safe and secure. Her expertise is managing new software implementation. Mariana is bilingual in Spanish and able to direct users through implementation in Spanish-speaking environments. She is also a Spanish language content contributor.

Rodolfo Salazar

Rodolfo has 15+ years in construction, warehousing and security. He has supervised and managed job sites as a quality inspector and learned from experience that safety pays. Rodolfo’s has put his construction and security experience together as a site inspector and auditor. Rodolfo is bilingual in Spanish and has an ability to connect with Spanish speaking workers and share his experience on how a workplace accident can change lives.

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