Compliant Experts.COM is the solution for workplace safety in the healthcare industry. From private practice and small clinics to large hospitals and laboratories, our mobilized approach to safety training, facility audits, and equipment checklists keep employees updated and compliant.

Imagine being able to schedule healthcare safety training a year in advance and never having to check your calendar to remember the dates. Compliant Experts innovative training platform lets you select the health and safety training courses to the employees as necessary and on schedule to be delivered via text or email, with your personalized message, without any additional input. Manage reports to discern the participation rate and score of participants. Employees who didn’t complete the health and safety training can be resent the training at the push of a button, without having to resend the message to the entire group.

Gone are the days where stacks of paper had to be printed, explained, completed, corrected, and then filed or scanned into a safety-specific employee folder. With Compliant Experts, the topics are selected and scheduled, in advance, to be delivered via text or email. All training results are safely stored in the database, which can easily access reports from anywhere at any point in time.

On top of the ability to schedule training in advance, you also have the flexibility to send training on demand.

Had an employee suffer an infected needle stick and want to raise awareness?

Instantly send a personalized text or email message with the appropriate training and procedures.

Had a slip and fall in the parking lot?

Instantly inform employees of parking lot conditions and how to avoid slips, trips, and falls. Have an even bigger emergency like a fire outburst sent evacuation alerts. Even worse, an active shooter, where it may not be appropriate to make a general announcement, sends high-priority alerts over the phones. Use our platform to quietly and discreetly message everyone in the group with instructions on how to guard themselves best.

Have equipment that needs to be checked daily, weekly, or monthly? Select a checklist, schedule the employee to complete the checklist, and the frequency you want it delivered. Viola! Checklists are delivered and recorded automatically. Have regularly scheduled facility audits? Mobilize those as well.

Don’t need new programs, but like the idea of delivering training via text and email

At Compliant Experts, we have developed customizable programs specifically for the healthcare industry. Still, if you have a great program, we can upload your training materials to the platform and distribute them electronically. If you have specifically customized checklists and audits you’d like uploaded for scheduled mobile distribution? We do that too. From facility audits to equipment checklists, Compliant Experts.COM takes facility safety to the next level.

For more information or any questions related to workplace safety or specific healthcare industry safety training, please send an email to or call us +1(801)360-5036.

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