Our goal is to integrate safety into an employees’ daily routine.

Electricity is a necessary part of our workday. It brings great benefits as well as deadly hazards. Everyone should be aware of the dangers and guard against them, especially when working with electrically-powered equipment or wiring.

What are the hazards associated with electricity? Electrocution (death), shock, electrical burns, arc burns, thermal contact burns, explosions, and fires. Usually, electricity travels in closed circuits through a conductor and loads and back again. Shocks occur when your body becomes part of the circuit. When your body is part of the circuit, electric current enters your body from the point of contact and exits at another.

Compliant Experts.COM helps employers and employees identify the hazards and provides electrical safety training that illustrates how to avoid the hazard. Training employees reduces accidents because accidents take time and cost the company money, but they also ruin lives. Compliant Experts mobilizes training, audits, and equipment checks so employees identify hazards and avoid workplace accidents.

Compliant Experts.COM specializes in simplifying safety. Our program allows you to build a safety training calendar with the topics your employees need to stay safe on the job. Once the calendar is implemented, the designated training goes directly to your employee’s mobile phone via text or email, no matter what site they’re on. A quiz accompanies every topic to test your employee’s knowledge and keep them compliant. As the employees complete the training, their results are recorded safely off-site, where you can access them from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Had an incident or near miss on the job site?

Compliant Experts.COM has the flexibility to add additional relevant topics on demand.

Found a LOCKOUT TAGOUT (LOTO) violation?

Send LOCKOUT training to all of the employees on your site with the push of a button.

Caught an employee using a lousy extension cord on the job site?

Send a personalized message to all of the employees on the site and training on the consequences of using bad electrical cords. 

More Than Just Training

More than just training, Compliant Experts is a platform you can use to keep sites and facilities compliant. From site audits to daily equipment prechecks, Compliant Experts.COM allows you to choose the responsible employee and send a checklist directly to his/her mobile phone via text or email on the schedule you choose. Gone are the days of looking for paper checklists. With Compliant Experts, you’ll have reports that show training, audits, and prechecks at your fingertips.

Compliant Experts is the tool you need to manage safety, create accountability, and integrate security into the job. Engage employees, recognize and reward their participation, manage subcontractors, test material retention and competence, audit job site risk, and keep equipment pre-checks up to date.

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