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Why B-Safe?

B-SAFE is the product of 20 years of safety management experience. There are many products out there that provide safety solutions, but B-SAFE is the only platform that has been developed to create a safety culture. The days of “SAFETY FIRST” are short-lived because whatever comes SECOND throws safety out the window. We encourage our clients to adopt the motto: “SAFETY IN EVERYTHING WE DO.” If an employee finds value in their training and is rewarded for following that training, the safe way will become the only way they do their job.

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B-SAFE allows you to customize a program that fits your needs

B-SAFE gives you the flexibility to schedule your required training up to a year in advance and still train on topics relevant to current risk “on-demand”

B-SAFE has the flexibility to be used for group training or be sent directly to an individual’s device

B-SAFE maintains a searchable database for all of the topics presented as well as for all of the participants

B-SAFE allows you to track who finishes their training first as well as who scores 100% on their quizzes and tests allow you to easily reward those making the greatest effort

B-SAFE has the ability to automatically generate a certificate of completion for any of the training you choose

B-SAFE can save group training documentation and signatures with the topics and programs presented.

New hire safety training was always so difficult because it would take the new hire’s time and that of a supervisor or manager to get it done. Now a manager does a site orientation and the employee is directed by the app regarding the modules that need to be done. I choose what they train on and when without sacrificing the production of a highly paid manager.

What you get for your membership fee:

A user-friendly platform that helps any organization to start their safety program with ease.

Unlimited trainings and quizzes

Unlimited access to our tool box topics.

Access to safety program templates.

Access to employee safety program

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