Compliant Experts is a safety management system that has been serving for over 20 years to make the workplace a safer environment. It has been dedicated to providing better training, creates awareness about workplace hazards, precautions, and prevention of the accidents, and create a secure workplace for the employees. Compliant Experts also provides modern safety features such as safety app, equipment pre-checks, and audits.

What is Safety Management System?

A safety management system is a continuous improvement process that reduces the risk of fatal accidents and the prevention of accidents. It guards the well-being and safety of your employees and should be implemented into everyday processes throughout the organization. Investing in a Safety Management System makes a strong impact on your business and serves a competitive advantage. The implementation of a Safety management system and the various safety aspects can have a notable impact on employees’ safety and intensifying the organization’s performance and value.

While safety requirements may vary across industries, excellent organizations all focus on a continuous enhancement that strives for an ongoing reduction of hazard with a goal of zero accidents.

Importance of Safety Management System

Awareness about the work surroundings

Many employees tend to negligent about the hazards around the workplace. It is necessary to analyze employees working conditions. Once the potential risks are identified that might occur in the workplace, it will be helpful to reduce the risk of fatal accidents and take precautions. Compliant Experts ensures to take precautionary measures in advance as it is always advised to initially contain and decrease the risk of accidents.

Reduce stress at the workplace

Most of the employees tend to have an unhealthy lifestyle because of their busy schedules, which involves work pressure and long working hours. All this impacts the employee’s health causing illness and stress. This not only affects the physical and mental health but also the personal and professional life of the employee. The Compliant Experts safety management safety program helps to plan an efficient work schedule with regular breaks, that help to reduce workplace stress and focus employees’ health, safety, and well being.

Appropriate instructions to use tools

Ensure proper precautionary measures and instructions machine and make sure proper procedures are followed. Missing any steps of safety procedures are the biggest reason for accidents to occur. The biggest safety risk is caused due to using different tools instead of the particular tools assigned for the job. So it is always recommended to use accurate tools for the designated work and reduce the risk of any sort of accidents in the workplace. The DSCHRM provides training to employees about the types of equipment and for which tasks can be performed a particular, how are tools used, and how to handle the equipment safely to reduce the risk.

Plan emergency exit easily accessible

It is very necessary to make sure that the emergency exits are easily accessible. It also advised keeping the exit route clear and employees are trained on the emergency exit drill and the equipment shutoffs. It is also important to have an emergency evacuation plan. It is highly recommended to have an emergency fire drill and an emergency evacuation drill from time to time. Compliant Experts provide proper training for the employees, create awareness among them so that the situation can be tackled easily with any panic and casualties.

Coordinate with the team about the unsafe conditions

It is very important and necessary to co-ordinate within the team about the hazards at the workplace and if any incident of potential risk has occurred. Employers are legally obligated to provide a safer work environment for the employees and ensure employees’ health and safety. Under any circumstances, if the employees are working under unsafe conditions of potential fatal-accident it is the responsibility of the supervisor, team lead, and the manager to make the management aware of the situation. It also the responsibility of the supervisor, team lead, and the manager to ensure that the issue is resolved and a safer environment is created. Compliant Experts offers features to frequently update the standard operating procedures, create alerts, and maintain proper communication with team members.

Always ensure to use mechanical assistance

Whenever a task to move, carry, or lift any heavy machinery or equipment. It is always required to use a conveyor belt, forklift, or crane to make the process of shifting is carried out smoothly without any risk. There are many risks involved in carrying out the lifting and moving of heavy equipment. Any sort of mishandling can lead to a serious accident resulting in critical injury or even death in some unfortunate events. So, it is very necessary to use the proper tools to carry out the process to avoid any sort of harm. The DSCHRM Safety system offers audits and pre-checks for the stability of the equipment to make sure the tools used are in proper condition and safe to use.

Stay Attentive and Alert

Many employees are negligent and usually compromise and ignore the warnings and alerts and due to this negligence often accidents and fatalities occur at the workplace. It is highly necessary to train the employees about to alarm and alert the co-workers, how to react to the alerts, and take preventive measures to contain the hazard. The Compliant Experts provides a unique feature that provides hazard alerts to the employees on the touch of their mobile hassle-free.

Compliant Experts as a whole ensures to cover all the important aspects of safety management systems. It provides all the basic and advanced features and tools that are required to implement a secure work environment. Compliant Experts is an advanced safety management system that is specialized in all the sectors, to create occupational health and safety.

Compliant Experts Specialization

Compliant Experts safety management system is specialized in

Automotive safety

Automotive safety refers to special technology to ensure the safety of the automotive industry. Compliant Experts provides safety procedures to implement during the production process. The production of motor vehicle components, engines, bodies, and batteries is a complicated procedure. Compliant Experts system management program provides training to ensure the standard operating procedures are followed, to create a hassle-free safe work environment for the employees. It offers advanced safety features, quality control, equipment pre-checks, and audits.

Construction safety

Construction is one of the hazardous occupations, where the employees deal with heavy tools and equipment, often have to deal with heights, and injuries are caused by falls from elevations. Fatal accidents occur due to electrocutions, struck by heavy objects. Compliant Experts safety management system prioritizes the health and safety of the employees, it provides training as with the proper training and awareness most of the accidents can be contained. Compliant Experts safety management program helps recognize the potential hazards, simply construction safety, create a safe work environment, and focus on employees’ health and safety.

Healthcare safety

From small clinics to large hospitals and laboratories falls under the healthcare sector. Compliant Experts is the one-stop solution for healthcare safety, it provides training to the employees to create a safe working environment in the health care industry. Compliant Experts offers customizable mobilized programs specifically for the healthcare sector. The customized program offers safety training, facility audits, and equipment checklists to keep employees updated and also provides a forum for the employees to raise facilities complaints.

Education safety

Employees in the education sector face similar challenges and hazards as in any other workplace. Workplace safety in the educational industry can be more complicated than other working sectors, as there is a mix of students, teachers, the public who visit the school, colleges, and universities, and the support staff. Compliant Experts platform educates on hazard awareness, provides training and guides to take precautionary measures to ensure a safer more compliant work environment.

Oil & Gas safety

Oil & Gas industry is one of the most hazardous places to work, and the job is very crucial. The employees can be easily exposed to oil and gas leading fire outbursts causing fatal injuries and casualties. Compliant Experts is specialized in simplifying the safety management system, it focuses on creating a safe and secure work environment for the employees. Compliant Experts program empowers the employees about the safe work culture, providing training to contain accidents and helps to implement precautionary safety measures in order to minimize the future risk of accidents.

Electrical Safety

Electricity is a necessary part of a workday, it is used to run most of the equipment and machinery. As electricity easy the work it brings along a greater risk if not handled carefully. Any sort of negligence can lead lead to serious injuries, death due to electrocution, shocks, electrical burns, thermal contact burns, arc burns, explosions, and fire. Compliant Experts helps employers and employees to identify the potential hazards. Compliant Experts provides a training platform to train the employees on how to prevent hazards. Training employees, spreading awareness, training on risk management helps to reduce the accident and builds a safe and healthy work environment.

Transportation Safety

Transportation is a vast spread industry and transportation but it also accounts for 40% of the work-place related deaths. Compliant Experts ensures the safety of the drivers, provide training to create more attentiveness on the road, and reduce the risk of accidents. Compliant Experts offers enhanced safety features such as blind-spot sensors, crash avoidance, and lane departure warning in their vehicles takes safety management and risk management to the next level.


Compliant Experts safety management system is a complete package to ensure the safety of the employees and secure work environment. Compliant Experts as a whole offers reduced costs associated with accidents, improved health & safety performance, improve business efficiency, improved staff relationship & morale, improve brand value and public image, increased regulatory compliance, improved confidence, and boost corporate reputation and social responsibility.

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