Compliant Experts is a safety management solution for a healthy and safe work environment. The automotive industry consolidates machinery and workers synchronically to deliver complex, high-quality products promptly at the possible lowest price. When workers are injured on duty, the process breaks down, causing delays and exceed expenses. Managing employees’ health and safety is the key to preventing injuries and saving money. Compliant Experts is a safety management system software that delivers safety training, safety policy, precautionary procedures, safety measurement checklists, and safety audits to the employees’ mobile devices or any other device preferred. Once the employee has gone through the automotive safety training and is thoroughly trained on the enhanced automotive safety features, the results are recorded and saved within the software.

Compliant Experts provides updated notification on your mobile device

Concise relevant safety training

Daily safety checklists for pre-use equipment inspections

Facility or equipment safety audits

Policy document acknowledgment receipts

Safety quizzes

Training Certification

Safety in the automotive industry

From manufacturing to transportation to dealerships and service Compliant Experts is the platform that provides training to the employees about automobile safety and keeps the employees updated through a simple, innovative, mobile interface.


At Compliant Experts, we evaluate how to utilize online safety training to improve your facility’s overall performance and how to implement enhanced safety features. Methodical training messages, weekly meetings, checklists, and facility audits all keep your employees focused on safety. Bottom line is that these advanced safety features help in reducing accidents, avoiding malfunctions, preparing for emergencies as well as help to keep your facility safety compliant. 

Compliant Experts

We welcome you to be our partner and form a reliable relationship with the bare minimum daily cost that we spend over fancy coffee. We offer to take the burden out of safety training and compliance. Our customizable safety management programs offer you the flexibility to upload and distribute the data access as required in segregated groups. Compliant Experts provides professional training to the workforce to identify hazards, avoid potential risks, and take precautionary measures to avoid any fatal accidents. Compliant Experts also offers behavior-based safety and use reports to track individual employee improvements, ensure all the workplace safety standards and goals are achieved.

Compliant Experts making a simple, sustainable safety solution.

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