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Welcome to DCSHRM

For over 25 years, the founders of DCSHRM have been dedicated to making employees safer. Safer environments, better training and more knowledgeable, safer employees.

After all, without knowledge, how can anyone possibly be expected to recognize or avoid a hazard?

DCSHRM.COM is our Safety Solution Website.

We provide the knowledge and training to make employees more informed, more aware of their surroundings and able to recognize hazards and correct them. We emphasize simplicity, because we know that when safety is complicated, it rarely gets done. We make it mobile, because we live in a mobile world, where everyone expects to have everything at their fingertips. Mobile training scheduled in advance and delivered via text or email. Mobile checklists delivered to equipment operators on a schedule, so those pre-shift inspections aren’t ignored any longer. Mobile safety audits delivered to the designated competent person on a schedule, to keep your facility compliant. We offer value, because safety, when it is consistent, will pay for itself (and them some). 

DCSHRM.COM is about empowering the employee with the knowledge to make good safe decisions, reducing lost time and increasing production. DCSHRM.COM is about empowering the supervisor or safety manager with the tools they need to get safety training, audits and checklists to the employees that need it most in a timely and convenient package. Skip the gimmicks and use DCSHRM.COM as your simple, sustainable safety solution.

Unique solution

DCSHRM offers a unique solution to the safety management dilemma.


Offering tiered pricing with unlimited access for all of the individuals in your tier for one rate.


Industry leading specialists that have developed custom solutions to meet your businesses needs.

Taking the time to care

Customer service is always available on site with the ability to customize your programs and training.

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